Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Axe Shimer 510F7B4D 83AF
Top Bible Shimer 7202678F C8CF
Top Cross Shimer 51067B0D 80EF
Top Dagger Shimer 7206730F 80CF With these codes, only use one at a time.
Top Fist Shimer 510B6FCD CBAF
Top Holy Water Shimer 720B67CF CB8F
Top Infinite Heart Shimer B6D06D91 6894
Top Infinite HP Shimer 8D820EAC 7C8F
Top Infinite MP Shimer B6D41C36 34A5
Top Max DEF Shimer B6D00CB6 7CA5
Top Max Heart Shimer 8D867F0B 20BE
Top Max HP Shimer 8DD26D8B 68B4
Top Max INT Shimer 95D00CB4 7C85
Top Max LCK Shimer B6841E36 34AF
Top Max MP Shimer AE867F09 209E
Top Max STR Shimer 95D41C34 3485
Top Ancient Armor Shimer 098D1A70 96BE
Top Ancient Robe Shimer 2EA08AB2 7CDE
Top Battle Armor Shimer 32DF186A 9694
Top Blizzard Robe Shimer 0DF988F0 7EB4
Top Brigandine Shimer 09841A30 94FE
Top Bronze Armor Shimer 09D908F0 DEB4
Top Casual Wear Shimer 118B0AE8 DEBE
Top Ceramic Armor Shimer 32820AAA DCDE
Top Chain Mail Shimer 2A890AF2 DE9E
Top Cloth Tunic Shimer 09D008B0 DCF4
Top Cuirass Armor Shimer 2ADD1872 9694
Top Double Mail Shimer 11D208A8 DCF4
Top Fancy Clothes Shimer 2EF088B2 7CD4
Top Field Armor Shimer 2AD008B2 DCD4
Top Fire Mail Shimer 2A8D1A72 969E
Top Guardian Armor Shimer 2A841A32 94DE
Top Healing Mail Shimer 09890AF0 DEBE
Top Heavy Armor Shimer 32D208AA DCD4
Top Kaiser Armor Shimer 11820AA8 DCFE
Top Leather Armor Shimer 15A6DB09 24FE
Top Lightning Robe Shimer 0DF49830 34F4
Top Loose Clothing Shimer 2EF988F2 7E94
Top Magical Armor Shimer 328B0AEA DE9E
Top Moon Armor Shimer 32D6182A 94D4
Top Mystical Robe Shimer 2EFD9872 3694
Top Noble Robe Shimer 2EF49832 34D4
Top Padded Armor Shimer 09D41830 94F4
Top Parade Armor Shimer 2A800AB2 DCDE
Top Plate Armor Shimer 2AD908F2 DE94
Top Plate Mail Shimer 32DB08EA DE94
Top Puff Coat Shimer 09DD1870 96B4
Top Ramail Coat Shimer 0DF088B0 7CF4
Top Rock Leather Shimer 2AD41832 94D4
Top Rubber Armor Shimer 15AFDB49 26BE
Top Scale Armor Shimer 09800AB0 DCFE
Top Silver Armor Shimer 11DF1868 96B4
Top Summer Clothes Shimer 32861A2A 94DE
Top Sun Armor Shimer 11DB08E8 DEB4
Top T-Shirt Shimer 11861A28 94FE
Top Thin Robe Shimer 118F1A68 96BE
Top Walk Armor Shimer 11D61828 94F4
Top War Fatigues Shimer 0DFD9870 36B4
Top Aurora Ring Shimer 36AEFB8D 28A5
Top Bangle Shimer 0DF5F9D7 2ACF
Top Chaos Ring Shimer 36AAEB0D 60A5
Top Cipher's Charm Shimer 15F3E94F 62CF
Top Crested Band Shimer 0DA8EB17 6085
Top Crimson Cloak Shimer 0DF1E957 62CF
Top Earth Ring Shimer 36A7FBCD 2AE5
Top Emerald Cloak Shimer 2EF1E955 62EF
Top Gold Necklace Shimer 2EA5FBD5 2AE5
Top Greed Amulet Shimer 36F3E94D 62EF
Top Have All Equipment Shimer 11A49B33 04BE
687AE90F C394
Top Heart Choker Shimer 36FAE90D 60AF
Top Heaven's Ring Shimer 15A3EB4F 62C5
Top Holy Ring Shimer 15FEF98F 288F
Top Kaiser Knuckle Shimer 2EA8EB15 60A5
Top Logoth's Ring Shimer 15AAEB0F 6085
Top Lucky Charm Shimer 2EACFB95 28A5
Top Lucky Ring Shimer 36F7F9CD 2AEF
Top Magic Necklace Shimer 0DACFB97 2885
Top Medusa Pendant Shimer 0DA5FBD7 2AC5
Top Mirror Pendant Shimer 36FEF98D 28AF
Top Mystic Brooch Shimer 15FAE90F 608F
Top Ninja Cloak Shimer 2EFCF995 28AF
Top Nova Ring Shimer 36A3EB4D 62E5
Top Pendant Shimer 0DA1EB57 62C5
Top Rare Ring Shimer 15F7F9CF 2ACF
Top Silk Cloak Shimer 11877BCF 8AC5
Top Silver Bangle Shimer 2EA1EB55 62E5
Top Twilight Cloak Shimer 2EF5F9D5 2AEF
Top Velvet Cloak Shimer 2EF8E915 60AF
Top Wind Cloak Shimer 0DF8E917 608F
Top Wristband Shimer 0DFCF997 288F
Top Arm Guards Shimer 09857BD7 8AC5
Top Arm Plates Shimer 32DA690D C0AF
Top Bloody Glove Shimer 32D3694D C2EF
Top Gauntlets Shimer 09816B57 C2C5
Top Gloves Shimer 2A8C7B95 88A5
Top Guardian Glove Shimer 098C7B97 8885
Top Hard Gloves Shimer 2A857BD5 8AE5
Top Leather Gloves Shimer 09886B17 C085
Top Steel Glove Shimer 11DA690F C08F
Top All Whip Parts Shimer AAF2ED81 5019
Top Anti-Venom Shimer 0DFDD951 26B4
Top Big Mana Prism Shimer 2EF4D913 24D4
Top Castle Map 1 Shimer 2EADDB53 269E
Top Castle Map 2 Shimer 0DA4DB11 24FE
Top Castle Map 3 Shimer 0DADDB51 26BE
Top Diamond Shimer 15ABCBC9 6EBE
Top Drumstick Shimer 2EFDD953 2694
Top Elixir Shimer 0DF0C991 6CF4
Top Floodgate Key Shimer 2EA4DB13 24DE
Top Have All Items Shimer 2AF289A9 4C94
Top High Potion Shimer 2EF9C9D3 6E94
Top Hint Card 1 Shimer 36F2C98B 6CD4
Top Hint Card 2 Shimer 36FBC9CB 6E94
Top Hint Card 3 Shimer 15F2C989 6CF4
Top Hint Card 4 Shimer 15FBC9C9 6EB4
Top Hint Card 5 Shimer 36F6D90B 24D4
Top Hint Card 6 Shimer 36FFD94B 2694
Top Lure Key Shimer 0DA0CB91 6CFE
Top Mana Prism Shimer 0DF9C9D1 6EB4
Top Medicine Jar Shimer 2EA9CBD3 6E9E
Top Noon Star Shimer 15F6D909 24F4
Top Opal Shimer 15FFD949 26B4
Top Potion Shimer 2EF0C993 6CD4
Top Ruby Shimer 15A2CB89 6CFE
Top Sapphire Shimer 36ABCBCB 6E9E
Top Skull Key Shimer 0DA9CBD1 6EBE
Top Turkey Shimer 0DF4D911 24F4
Top Turquoise Shimer 36A2CB8B 6CDE
Top Uncurse Potion Shimer 2EA0CB93 6CDE
Top Armet Shimer 36AB8AEA 7E9E
Top Barbuta Shimer 15FF9868 36B4
Top Barrel Helmet Shimer 36A69A2A 34DE
Top Bascinet Shimer 15A28AA8 7CFE
Top Bicocette Shimer 15FB88E8 7EB4
Top Cabacete Shimer 09D86917 C08F
Top Cloth Helmet Shimer 36F288AA 7CD4
Top Face-Guard Shimer 36FF986A 3694
Top Fancy Bandana Shimer 2EA49A32 34DE
Top Full Helmet Shimer 2AD16955 C2EF
Top Gold Headband Shimer 09D579D7 8ACF
Top Greek Helm Shimer 36F6982A 34D4
Top Guardian Helm Shimer 36A28AAA 7CDE
Top Iron Helmet Shimer 15AF9A68 36BE
Top Kettle Hat Shimer 15A69A28 34FE
Top Leather Cap Shimer 0DAD9A70 36BE
Top Leather Helmet Shimer 36FB88EA 7E94
Top Morion Shimer 36AF9A6A 369E
Top Piros Helm Shimer 15F69828 34F4
Top Plain Circlet Shimer 0DA49A30 34FE
Top Platinum Crown Shimer 2A886B15 C0A5
Top Pot Helm Shimer 09D16957 C2CF
Top Red Silk Hat Shimer 2A816B55 C2E5
Top Sallet Shimer 15F288A8 7CF4
Top Silk Hat Shimer 15AB8AE8 7EBE
Top Silver Tiara Shimer 2ADC7995 88AF
Top Steel Helmet Shimer 2AD579D5 8AEF
Top Sturdy Turban Shimer 2EAD9A72 369E
Top Viking Helm Shimer 09DC7997 888F
Top Ankle Guards Shimer 32D779CD 8AEF
Top Bronze Boots Shimer 11DE798F 888F
Top Floating Boots Shimer 328E7B8D 88A5
Top Greaves Shimer 32836B4D C2E5
Top Guardian Boots Shimer 11D779CF 8ACF
Top Infinite Boots Shimer 118E7B8F 8885
Top Iron Boots Shimer 328A6B0D C0A5
Top Leather Boots Shimer 11D3694F C2CF
Top Leggings Shimer 118A6B0F C085
Top Platinum Shoes Shimer 32877BCD 8AE5
Top Shin Guards Shimer 32DE798D 88AF
Top Silver Boots Shimer 11836B4F C2C5
Top All Relics Shimer 8DF1CD53 665A
B28E1EA8 9C30
Top All Enemy Info Shimer AE8A4E02 FC79
Top Have All Collectibles Shimer 91871EEA 9E50
B6880E3E EC68
918A0E2A D410
Top Have Encyclopedia Shimer B2871EE8 9E70
Top Crush Boots Shimer 0DA98AF0 7EBE
Top MK's Bracelet Shimer 0DA08AB0 7CFE
Top Night Goggles Shimer 2EA98AF2 7E9E
Top All Spells Shimer 8DF8CD13 641A
Top Enable Code (Must Be On) Shimer 9833F861 1EE1
740C3B15 33BA
4B79ED55 C0BE
Top Quick Level Up Shimer 55769C28 34F0
Top Start With 99 Mill Shimer 762FD24A 279E
AED26D8B F851
762FD24A 279E
AE82678B 601E