Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Apollo Deuce X. Machina 32025683 000? Set to 1.
Top Diana Deuce X. Machina 32025682 000? Set to 1.
Top Jupiter Deuce X. Machina 32025680 000? Set to 1.
Top Mars Deuce X. Machina 32025681 000? Set to 1.
Top Mercury Deuce X. Machina 3202567E 000? Set to 1.
Top Neptune Deuce X. Machina 32025684 000? Set to 1.
Top Pluto Deuce X. Machina 32025687 000? Set to 1.
Top Saturn Deuce X. Machina 32025685 000? Set to 1.
Top Uranus Deuce X. Machina 32025686 000? Set to 1.
Top Venus Deuce X. Machina 3202567F 000? Set to 1.
Top Black Dog Deuce X. Machina 3202567D 000? Set to 1.
Top Cockatrice Deuce X. Machina 32025678 000? Set to 1.
Top Golem Deuce X. Machina 32025677 000? Set to 1.
Top Griffin Deuce X. Machina 3202567A 000? Set to 1.
Top Mandragora Deuce X. Machina 32025676 000? Set to 1.
Top Manticore Deuce X. Machina 32025679 000? Set to 1.
Top Salamander Deuce X. Machina 32025674 000? Set to 1.
Top Serpent Deuce X. Machina 32025675 000? Set to 1.
Top Thunder Bird Deuce X. Machina 3202567B 000? Set to 1.
Top Unicorn Deuce X. Machina 3202567C 000? Set to 1.
Top Have All Cards MadCatz 24A72B8CC845
Top Have Apollo Card MadCatz CFBDF407DD57
Top Have Diana Card MadCatz EFBFF403DD45
Top Have Jupiter Card MadCatz 67BFB203DD45
Top Have Mars Card MadCatz 47BDB207DD57
Top Have Mercury Card MadCatz B8E26DB86A8C
Top Have Neptune Card MadCatz 66BFA303C945
Top Have Pluto Card MadCatz CEBDE507C957
Top Have Saturn Card MadCatz 46BDA307C957
Top Have Uranus Card MadCatz EEBFE503C945
Top Have Venus Card MadCatz 98E06DBC6A9E
Top Magic Robe Zap2 D918E1D4 BE2548C4
Top Strength Ring Zap2 B83901DC 011246FB
Top Antidote GameMasterZer0 3202571A 0063
Top ArmGuard GameMasterZer0 32025710 0063
Top Bear Ring GameMasterZer0 32025714 0063
Top Bronze Armor GameMasterZer0 320256EE 0063
Top Chain Mail GameMasterZer0 320256F0 0063
Top Cotton Clothes GameMasterZer0 320256FD 0063
Top Cotton Robe GameMasterZer0 320256F8 0063
Top Cure Curse GameMasterZer0 3202571B 0063
Top Cursed Ring GameMasterZer0 32025709 0063
Top Dark Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F6 0063
Top Defense Armband GameMasterZer0 3202570B 0063
Top Diamond Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F3 0063
Top Double Grips GameMasterZer0 32025703 0063
Top Gambler Armband GameMasterZer0 3202570D 0063
Top Gaunlet GameMasterZer0 3202570F 0063
Top Gold Armor GameMasterZer0 320256EF 0063
Top Hard Ring GameMasterZer0 32025706 0063
Top Heart GameMasterZer0 3202571F 0063
Top Heart Ex GameMasterZer0 32025721 0063
Top Heart High GameMasterZer0 32025720 0063
Top Heart Mega GameMasterZer0 32025722 0063
Top Intelligence Ring GameMasterZer0 32025707 0063
Top Leather Armor GameMasterZer0 320256ED 0063
Top Luck Ring GameMasterZer0 32025708 0063
Top Magic Gaunlet GameMasterZer0 32025711 0063
Top Magic Robe GameMasterZer0 320256FB 0063
Top Meat GameMasterZer0 32025716 0063
Top Mind Ex GameMasterZer0 3202571E 0063
Top Mind High GameMasterZer0 3202571D 0063
Top Mind Restore GameMasterZer0 3202571C 0063
Top Miracle Armband GameMasterZer0 32025712 0063
Top Mirrior Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F4 0063
Top Needle Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F5 0063
Top Night Suit GameMasterZer0 32025700 0063
Top Ninja Garb GameMasterZer0 32025701 0063
Top Platinum Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F2 0063
Top Potion GameMasterZer0 32025715 0063
Top Potion Ex GameMasterZer0 32025719 0063
Top Potion High GameMasterZer0 32025718 0063
Top Prison Garb GameMasterZer0 320256FE 0063
Top Rainbow Robe GameMasterZer0 320256FA 0063
Top Sage Armband GameMasterZer0 3202570C 0063
Top Sage Robe GameMasterZer0 320256FC 0063
Top Shinning Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F7 0063
Top Silk Robe GameMasterZer0 320256F9 0063
Top Soldier Fatigues GameMasterZer0 32025702 0063
Top Spiced Meat GameMasterZer0 32025717 0063
Top Star Bracelet GameMasterZer0 32025704 0063
Top Steel Armor GameMasterZer0 320256F1 0063
Top Strength Armband GameMasterZer0 3202570A 0063
Top Strength Ring GameMasterZer0 32025705 0063
Top Stylish Suit GameMasterZer0 320256FF 0063
Top Toy Ring GameMasterZer0 32025713 0063
Top Wrist Band GameMasterZer0 3202570E 0063
Top Cleansing GameMasterZer0 32025734 0001
Top Dash Boots GameMasterZer0 3202572F 0001
Top Double GameMasterZer0 32025730 0001
Top Heavy Ring GameMasterZer0 32025733 0001
Top Kick Boots GameMasterZer0 32025732 0001
Top Last Key GameMasterZer0 32025736 0001
Top Roc Wing GameMasterZer0 32025735 0001
Top Tackle GameMasterZer0 32025731 0001
Top (M) Must Be On Parasyte 15B2D50A FFA32F8E
C050AB08 880EC237
Top (M) Must Be On Parasyte 25BE1CDE 0A653A87
1F0A4C3B 44983643
Top 1 Hit Kill Helder E3889E48 B93C40CF
D6100DA0 666B6242
Top 99 Hearts Parasyte 506D7394 DE95AFA9
Top Apollo Card Parasyte 82FF8ECE 78FBD238
Top Black Dog Card Parasyte 5B73E274 CA774E4A
Top Cockatrice Card Parasyte 55CAAF8F 5606CACD
Top Diana Card Parasyte 1579909F 80BFA24B
Top Freeze Timer Tek 342C2209 1138AFCA
Top Golem Card Parasyte 12010869 37DD4DBC
Top Griffin Card Parasyte 8995351D 0EB5B0B4
Top GS Button for Slow XAnimal 78960794 27667199
Top GS Button For Slow XAnimal DBBA3A89 4CB74B94
Top Have All Items GameMasterZer0 420256EC 6363
0000001C 0002
Top Have All Magic Items GameMasterZer0 4202572E 0101
00000005 0002
Top Have Arm Guard MadCatz 65A2328E5D47
Top Have Axe Subweapon Zap2 B23A14AA CC8B0A04
Top Have Bear Ring MadCatz 64A2238E4947
Top Have Bronze Armor MadCatz BAFFED31EA8C
Top Have Chain Mail MadCatz 25EABA217ECD
Top Have Cleansing MadCatz 64E22BAC4B47
Top Have Clock Subweapon Zap2 A1DAE17C 45F56228
Top Have Cotton Clothes MadCatz 10E8AB356A9E
Top Have Cotton Robe MadCatz 31EABA317E8C
Top Have Crucifix Subweapon Zap2 AB19BCCB 2D0CF8DC
Top Have Cursed Ring MadCatz 53B5329ADD14
Top Have Dark Armor MadCatz ACEAED216ACD
Top Have Defence Armband MadCatz DBB5749ADD14
Top Have Diamond Armor MadCatz 8DE8FC257EDF
Top Have Double MadCatz 65E23AAC5F47
Top Have Double Grips MadCatz CFB5748ADD55
Top Have Gambler Armband MadCatz 52B5239AC914
Top Have Gauntlet MadCatz DAB5659AC914
Top Have Gold Armor MadCatz 9AFDED35EA9E
Top Have Hard Ring MadCatz EEB7658EC947
Top Have Heavy Ring MadCatz CDE07CA85F55
Top Have Holy Water Subweapon Zap2 18192A50 16D9BBAF
Top Have Intelligence Ring MadCatz CEB5658AC955
Top Have Kick Boots MadCatz EDE27CAC5F47
Top Have Knife Subweapon Zap2 1FA46C48 61882C09
Top Have Last Key MadCatz ECE26DAC4B47
Top Have Leather Armor MadCatz 12FDAB35EA9E
Top Have Luck Ring MadCatz 73B7329EDD06
Top Have Magic Boots MadCatz DAF56DB8CB14
Top Have Magic Gauntlet MadCatz 45A0328A5D55
Top Have Magic Robe MadCatz 99E8FC357E9E
Top Have Miracle Armband MadCatz EDA2748E5D47
Top Have Mirror Armor MadCatz 24EAAB216ACD
Top Have Needle Armor MadCatz 04E8AB256ADF
Top Have Night Suit MadCatz 67B7328EDD47
Top Have Ninja Garb MadCatz 47B5328ADD55
Top Have Platinum Armor MadCatz ADEAFC217ECD
Top Have Prison Garb MadCatz B8EAED316A8C
Top Have Rainbow Robe MadCatz B9EAFC317E8C
Top Have Roc Wing MadCatz 44E02BA84B55
Top Have Sage Armband MadCatz 72B7239EC906
Top Have Sage Robe MadCatz 30EAAB316A8C
Top Have Shining Armor MadCatz 8CE8ED256ADF
Top Have Silk Robe MadCatz 11E8BA357E9E
Top Have Soldier Fatigues MadCatz EFB7748EDD47
Top Have Star Bracelet MadCatz 66B7238EC947
Top Have Steel Armor MadCatz 05E8BA257EDF
Top Have Strength Armband MadCatz FBB7749EDD06
Top Have Strength Ring MadCatz 46B5238AC955
Top Have Stylish Suit MadCatz 98E8ED356A9E
Top Have Tackle MadCatz 45E03AA85F55
Top Have Toy Ring MadCatz CDA0748A5D55
Top Have Wrist Band MadCatz FAB7659EC906
Top Hit Anywhere nolberto82 3201E902 00FF
3201E904 00FF
Top Hold R button and press Direction to Walk Thru Walls Helder 74000130 02DF
E2000036 FFFE
74000130 02EF
E2000036 0001
Use this code also: Press L+R if you get stuck in the Cieling 74000130 00FF 8200003A 00AA
Top Hold R Button And Press Direction To Walk Thru Walls Helder 74000130 02DF
E2000036 FFFE
74000130 02EF
E2000036 0001
Use the code below this as well.
Top Infinite Antidotes MadCatz 31623ABC76AE
Top Infinite Cure Curse MadCatz 11603AB876BC
Top Infinite Double Jumps Zap2 931C9FF7 B96135BE
Top Infinite Health Parasyte E90B3462 A934B517
Top Infinite Health MadCatz 3372D2F676AC
Top Infinite Heart MadCatz 10602BB862BC
Top Infinite Heart Ex MadCatz 8F35748AF4FD
Top Infinite Heart Hi MadCatz AF37748EF4EF
Top Infinite Heart Mega MadCatz 2737328EF4EF
Top Infinite Hearts GameMasterZer0 8202563C 270F
Top Infinite HP GameMasterZer0 8202562E 270F
Top Infinite Magic MadCatz 2567D2E6F6ED
Top Infinite Meat MadCatz 24622BAC62EF
Top Infinite Mind Ex MadCatz 30622BBC62AE
Top Infinite Mind Hi MadCatz 98606DB862BC
Top Infinite Mind Restore MadCatz B8626DBC62AE
Top Infinite MP GameMasterZer0 82025636 270F
Top Infinite MP Zap2 3A36DF12 3AF3CDE0
Top Infinite Potion MadCatz 8C606DA862FD
Top Infinite Potion Ex MadCatz 99607CB876BC
Top Infinite Potion Hi MadCatz B9627CBC76AE
Top Infinite Spiced Meat MadCatz 04602BA862FD
Top Instant Level Up GameMasterZer0 3202566A 0001
Top Instant Level Up To Max Level GameMasterZer0 3202566A 0020
Top Invincible xMrNx 320000C0 0010
Top Jupiter Card Parasyte EF344483 60BB9049
Top Level 99 MadCatz EE37658AC165
Top Level Modifier GameMasterZer0 82025664 0???
Top Madragora Card Parasyte C562DFDA 3B427CBB
Top Mars Card Parasyte 6687FF09 09F81B5D
Top Maticore Card Parasyte E3095C94 7E1124E3
Top Max DEF Zap2 F9C9601A C2F05FF2
Top Max Defense GameMasterZer0 8202564E 270F
82025650 270F
Top Max Experience GameMasterZer0 82025668 E0FF
8202566A 5F5E
Top Max Hearts MadCatz B96794F6F6AC
Top Max INT Zap2 2B81EB0B 1CAADE9D
Top Max Intelligence GameMasterZer0 82025656 270F
82025658 270F
Top Max LCK Zap2 7527DEED 829E4DA0
Top Max Level [999] GameMasterZer0 82025664 03E7
Top Max Luck GameMasterZer0 8202565E 270F
82025660 270F
Top Max Stats GameMasterZer0 42025646 270F
00000004 0008
42025648 270F
00000004 0008
Top Max STR Zap2 F2E4BEFF 068D6D60
Top Max Strength GameMasterZer0 82025646 270F
82025648 270F
Top Mercury Card Parasyte 130450EF C8AFE0AE
Top Neptune Card Parasyte 4FE11073 3CF166B5
Top Pluto Card Parasyte 4651B78C A8D628FF
Top Press L For Antigravity (Note) iamstillhiro1112 D0000020 0200
320048E0 0007
If you press L while rising up you will float until you hit a object. If you press L while dropping down you will float. If you hold L while walking off a ledge then you will walk in mid-air (Do not press while saving the game, and if you press L while on the ground you may have to get in midair and whip to become unstuck.)
Top Press L+R If You Get Stuck In The Ceiling Helder 74000130 00FF
8200003A 00AA
Top Salamander Card Parasyte 6D7649B9 235E985D
Top Saturn Card Parasyte 6E1FA8E1 A769154A
Top Serpent Card Parasyte 6486F16B 7B6DDAE7
Top Speed Up Timer Tek 9EFF344A 6C7EDE4A Timer ticks 4 times as fast as usual.
Top Status Always Good Zap2 5CC60F29 7319B98B
Top ThunderBird Card Parasyte 571F20D6 65483D69
Top Ultimate Code! XAnimal 2C6B2332 4FDEAEE9
91675AF6 5142539C
3928AEF3 AFB4C228
This code gives you maximum stats, health, and level!
Top Ultimate Items Code! Tek 9958115B 0DEBE73D
26A7AE66 1F124F6D
1253586C 3DE7B04E
6259E014 F8A07BEB
010134A1 82629C02
289BDFF2 DA674BE8
52DF0020 0F97F965
743EBC32 B2BA3965
8D7821FA 0A8E6265
540051F0 70CD6DFB
848714AD 9659AEFB
54F207E9 E60ED462
0C540342 45267627
9B303058 C08E56C2
8F2DFE87 F7734B18
AC2F8BFD 6442A887
A7B06F46 92FE87D5
4D680533 DC1FA2EB
3E55B493 F7F806F2
0FFDA98F 7D6C20E9
A512954F 5D6030BC
E4B2A75B 16F9C099
6D1C7902 692952E5
CF383489 F1A63B75
015F0828 D60CDD96
0FA0443E A134EA2A
54D9669C FDAE04D2
E8F44210 F09670A5
5B96A625 7656518F
7F0FA211 49AAA5F6
2031F43D 94745236
DCD32418 9D906D1E
FB69F5CA 03FD511C
85F8D8FC 43ECCF46
A6938B10 86E76BD5
9D5E9C47 1B7AEB76
717D06FE 96C40308
3C0E76EF 0341A0AD
BDF0C5A2 75D2E229
36F73DE9 0586BCB9
820564D2 3551DC4E
5D0D9DAA 695BC8C8
95EF155E D6E1BDB3
4B723D1E 9F79AF7F
47D3A705 D8A16AC0
296D7FBE 49B662B3
79D88A04 07AD932C
Have one of every type of armor, two of each accessory, and 99 of each healing item!
Top Unicorn Card Parasyte 234A2E75 547A07AE
Top Uranus Card Parasyte 476E8BAB 6596B116
Top Venus Card Parasyte 0808997C 3083EBDC
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 992374BA3E12