Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Have All Weapons MadCatz 0E5ED33F0998
Top Infinite Alka Roots MadCatz 3FB52CCE8A90
Top Infinite Bombs Shad0wHacker 320057E2 0063
Top Infinite Darts Shad0wHacker 320057E0 0063
Top Infinite Fire Crystals MadCatz F160F194FB5F
Top Infinite Health Shad0wHacker 320057E4 000C
320057E6 000C
Top Infinite Health MadCatz 2E653108F683
Top Master Shad0wHacker 0000AEA8 000A
100430FA 0007
Top Master Shadowhacker2 0000AEA8 000A
100430FA 0007
Top Maximum Health MadCatz 2E6D2129F682
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 9488DE2A277D