Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Access All Realms StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 33000DD6 000E
Top Enable Code (Must Be On) StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 00006EA8 000A
1003F3F8 0007
Top Infinite Continues StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 83000C9A 0200
Top Max Score StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 83000CA0 E0FF
83000CA2 05F5
Top Progress Complete StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 43000DE8 0101
00000014 0002
Top Quick Score Gain StalkerX, Shimer, Helder 83000CA0 FFFF
Top Beast Form: Avion MadCatz 5C59EFC64CC4
Top Beast Form: Big Human MadCatz E179FB8C4651
Top Beast Form: Bigger Human MadCatz A171F89C4251
Top Beast Form: Canis MadCatz 0571ECD64AC5
Top Beast Form: Cerathos MadCatz 7859FFC44CD0
Top Beast Form: Charodon MadCatz F859FB8C4450
Top Beast Form: Chimera MadCatz C579EB8E4645
Top Beast Form: Draco MadCatz B851F89C4050
Top Beast Form: Human MadCatz 2171FCD44AD1
Top Beast Form: Nagi MadCatz 3851FCD448D0
Top Beast Form: Scorpios MadCatz 4579EFC64EC5
Top Beast Form: Smilodon MadCatz 8571E89E4245
Top Beast Form: Terapis MadCatz 1C51ECD648C4
Top Hit Anywhere nolberto82 D10C49E3 62F3DCD2
65DA389A 09D8882C
Top Infinite Continues MadCatz 78EEDF6414D0
Top Infinite Health MadCatz 6751AC539AEF
Top Infinite Lives MadCatz 78C6DC7418D0
Top Invincibility nolberto82 BF034F2C 5D7FB755
8C0701D5 F3C97099
Top Max Score MadCatz A7D8218A4D0F
Top Max Score MadCatz 83D833A8573B
Top Unlock All Levels MadCatz 1AD8BCC5C4F2
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 9E94EDC677E3
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 5C25CB8E2044
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 3C9AAFFEA466