Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Enable Code (Must Be On) Code Master 9789B50F F95A
57557660 A262
Top GS Button For Slow XAnimal 78960794 27667199
Top GS Button For Slow XAnimal DBBA3A89 4CB74B94
Top Infinite Batarangs InterAct DD30BB72 D6A1443E
Top Infinite Batarangs Code Master 8C649123 EA69
Top Infinite Batgrapple InterAct 86584778 35D84D17
Top Infinite Batgrapple Code Master 8C661023 AA68
Top Infinite First Aid InterAct 6644E4AA 48406242
Top Infinite Health Code Master CF674C08 E84E
Top Infinite Smoke Pellets InterAct 3D3659A3 D3D3B283
Top Infinite Smoke Pellets Code Master 94761043 AA68
Top Infinite Time InterAct B9ECD984 A5DD85F9
Top Invincible Code Master A90A0217 45EA
Top Moon Jump Demonic722 91471068 233BEEDB
2851E200 6130E5EC
Top Must Be On [M] InterAct BBD604D3 BD3D786A
0FE00CE4 7C525652
Top Must Be On [M] Datel E3E07EBE 78CB4202
50F71E0C D549F448
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 90E086D2926E