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Swapping Base ID's Tut (No pics sorry)

Postby DeOxy Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:27 pm
I didn't really want to make a seperate thread so I'll post my guide here.
You can get different items in your inventory by swapping the id's of one item with another. Anything from skill books, weapons, clothing, food, etc. Here are the steps.
1. Put whatever item you want to swap in your inventory. (I'll use the BB-gun as an example)
2. Open up Advanced mode for Fallout 3 and while it's extracting, go to the next step.
3. Go here to get the id's : Fallout 3 weapons | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The base id for the BB-gun is 00 00 43 23
4. After your save opens go down to the search bar and type your ID: 0x00004323
5. Depending on how much of the item you have (in my case the BB-gun), it will affect how many search results you get (I only had one result). Keep clicking search until it doesn't find anymore values.(You'll notice that the code is flipped; Ex: I searched for 00 00 43 23, but my result showed up as 23 43 00 00)
6. Find the ID of the item you want to get. (I'll choose the Chinese Assult Rifle: 00 00 08 0B)
7. Overwrite the old values with the new ID. BE SURE TO FLIP THE CODE. (In my case I replaced 23 43 00 00 with 0B 08 00 00)
8. Hit apply and you're done. Keep reading for how to swap for DLC Items.
You'll notice that for the DLC guns there is a XX for the first two values. The XX is either a 01 02 03 04 or 05. Each value represents each DLC. Just replace the values (XX) for the right DLC and continue to follow the steps above.
If you have the GOTY version, the values should be: 01= Op Anch. 02= The Pitt. 03= Broken Steel. 04= Pt Lookout 05= MZ (EDIT-- The 100% surefire way to know is at the Main Menu, click on "Downloads" it'll show you the order of the DLC)
If you downloaded the DLC's seperately, then the values will be the order you downloaded the DLC.
Ex: I downloaded Broken Steel first, so for me, 01= Broken Steel.
Thanks for reading.

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now this is great and helpful, but, i tried to use the search bar at the bottom and found to my dismay that i could not type letters. After looking on youtube, i learned that another search can be done with the command Ctrl + G. this however did not help as again i could not type letters. I tried to look at the "Help" section in the game genie (the PDF) and it had absolutely no help for advanced more. no commands, no links to tutorials, just a vague description of how to open advanced mode and what advanced mode dose.

My hope is to get some help for this. maybe i am doing something wrong or looking in the wrong spot, but i want to know, and i would like to have here or start here a list of the commands in the advanced mode, and any tutorials anyone might have to help with the advanced mode. This is not just for me but for everyone. I want everyone to be able to worked the advanced mode, and have straight forward info and instructions as well as commands for the advanced more such as Ctrl + G.

So to add what little knowledge i have,

Ctrl + G

This is a Go To Location command, Though not sure were it takes you as typing in an address like 000000110 dose not take you to that address. While i am not sure what this dose or were it takes you, the point is, that one of the commands is Ctrl + G, and maybe others here know what it means or how to work it properly, but this is just a start. So Ctrl + G is one command.

Please feel free to add your own commands, info, tips, and tutorials that you have or can find. I want this to be a resource that others can come to to figure out whats what and share there collected knowledge.

Thank you.