Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Health - 00D29B:80
Infinite 3 Way [Pick Up 3 Way To Use] - 00D2AC:10 -Rid
Infinite Rapid Fire[Pick Up Rapid Fire To Use] - 00D2AE:10 -Rid
Infinite Grenades[Pick Up Grenades To Use] - 00D2B4:10 -Rid
Infinite Blaster [Pick Up Blaster To Use] - 00D2B0:10 -Rid
Infinite Lives - 00D2F2:09 -Rune
Infinite Bullets - 00D2AA:99 -Rune
Invulnerability - 00D2A5:FF

Game Genie codes:
Invulnerability 007-8DB-3B4