XDP has introduced their newer version of their web
browser. This will be the final version. If PlanetWeb
goes down, this is all that is left for Dreamcast users.
There are some positive and negative notes.

The nice thing about it is, it works a lot faster. You
can use a hotmail account. It does not lockup or crash
like PW3 does at times. It has Softdec and Mpgs with it
as well. Logs on to Schthack forums just fine. This is
optimized to work in the dial-up ISP world although it
works with the BBA as well.

It does not like common places like Yahoo mail or Google mail.
It also does not like myspace. As far as Dreamcast-Talk
is concerned, it works just fine, but does not allow the
user to post.

Overall a great effort, however, it still does not surpass
the PlanetWeb 3.0 experience for BBA users. As a dial-up
user, this will work well as far as page speed goes, but
overall web friendliness is not as sufficient as PW3.