Fireworks, explosions, fanfares, the Eleventh Grand Annual Dreamcast Tournament has begun (for real now)!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last seven days, this is a contest to determine earth's greatest Dreamcast gamer in the year 2010. The special aspect of this tournament is that multiple DC and SEGA boards are participating!
Every week, a new game from a certain genre is picked (by you), and will be played for, you guessed it, a week. So all in all, 10 games from 10 different genres will be played.

The way games are chosen has changed drastically:
Originally, every game was supposed to have it's own thread, but let's be fair, flooding forums with eleven almost identical threads is just not cool. Also, if we keep on using polls, there will only be 10 choosable games.
As such, here's the new voting:
Every week, next week's genre is announced, for example, next week, it's racing time. Then, you'll choose the game by replying to this thread. So when you post you Soul Calibur score, just say which racer you want. This way, we can use this thread for ten weeks straight and I don't have to limit the choosable games. It's a win-win situation.

A refresher on the scoring (Nothing new, copypasta from the voting thread):
It's pretty straightforward: Whoever ranks in first in a game gets 10 points, second place gets nine points, blablabla, so finally 11 and below score a whooping zero points. Whoever has the biggest score after the 10th game is played has the right to call himself the "Very best Dreamcast gamer".
I'm currently working on a dedicated ranking to keep track of all participants from all boards. It's still in the works.

So let's get down to the rules for this week's (03.10.-10.10.) game:
Soul Calibur

We'll be playing Survival mode. Whoever survives the most enemies wins! Make sure to take a picture, video, [insert proof here] of your score, else I can't let it count, sorry. Region of the game doesn't matter. That's about it already, good luck!

Next week's (10.10.-17.10.) genre is:

Vote for whatever game you wanna play, there are no more limitations (except the genre). For example, my personal pick is Rush Rush Rally Racing, because I have an old score to settle.

I'll post my own Soul Calibur score later, it's around 40 for now. That's definitely not enough, I wonder what the max score is gonna be... 1000? :lol: