This is an idea I just came up with and wanted to see what other people thought of it. I'm sure it will never happen but here it is anyway:

Sega should re-release the Dreamcast as a budget console and sell it for around $50 - $100 US. I would think they could still make a profit off of it since the hardware would cost a lot less to produce today. I mean, Nintendo was able to shove a Gamecube into the Wii and still sell it for $250 (most of which I'm sure was the cost of the Wii hardware). In addition to this, they could start manufacturing the broadband adapter again and bring most of the game servers back online. They could entice game developers with very low licencing fees (or maybe even free).

Sony has actually sort of done this by keeping the PS2 around as a budget console even after the PS3 was released.

Let me know what you think. Would Sega be able to make money off this? Do you think developers would be interested? Wouldn't you love a cheap broadband adapter ;) ?