Every so often i keep reading and hearing about the dreamcast lasers dying on people.

The dying process often starts with their dreamcast struggling to read some games and then getting to a point where it just will not read any.

Now in my head i'm thinking there could be a 'dreamcast apocalypse scenario' where eventually we get to a point that there are barely any functioning dreamcast consoles as the lasers have all become incompetent and therefore no one is successfully reading games. This would be a nightmare for many of us who love enjoying our dreamcast games on the console itself.

Now our glimmer of hope is the possibility of replacing the laser on the dreamcast console.

A quick google search yielded that basically no one is having luck replacing lasers on the dreamcast. i didn't do any thorough investigation though.

So does any one on here know if lasers can be replaced to with good functioning ones? Or has anyone successfully done it?

Does replacing a dead laser on the dreamcast let it atleast read CD-r as a minimum (i believe Gd-r's may be harder to read?)

Cheers guys.