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  1. Segata Sanshiro IS BACK! - SGR
  2. 10 Video Game HACKERS Who Were SUED
  3. Microsoft Allegiance Revival
  4. Emulation & the Law
  5. Nintendo bans Creator's Program members from live streaming
  6. Game Genie bought out?
  7. The Witcher Documentary
  8. iPhone 8s Are Expanding And Destroying Themselves
  9. Broadcom’s $105 Billion Bid to Get Inside Every Device on Earth
  10. RE: How Gamers Are Facilitating The Rise Of The Alt-Right - NBC Rant - AlphaOmegaSin
  11. Who shot first? - Battle for Azeroth #Spoilers
  12. Broadcom hopes to woo Qualcomm with a higher takeover bid
  13. Eagles Soar To Super Bowl LII
  14. The world's most dangerous ice cream
  15. Apple is investigating an iPhone X glitch
  16. Kodi now available for Xbox One as a work in progress
  17. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age PC Version Available Now
  18. Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night get Limited Edition Trailers
  19. CS:GO Gun Skin Sold For Over $61,000
  20. Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??
  21. Is 8GB of RAM Enough In 2018?
  22. Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio Plus Review | Nintendrew
  23. What IS this thing?! JXD Singularity S192K Review
  24. VICTORY: New Jersey Governor Protects Net Neutrality, Sues the FCC
  25. DIY SSD made of Micro SD Cards!
  26. AMD Radeon HD 6950 Tested in 2018
  27. Fire Mage: Wolcen Gameplay - Hack and Slash aRPG (Alpha - 2018)
  28. Alliance Scenario into Kul Tiras - Battle for Azeroth Alpha [Stream Highlight]
  29. Intel Security Issue Update: Progress Continues on Firmware Updates
  30. Play Rainbow Six Siege Free Feb. 15-18 on Xbox One
  31. Xbox One OS Update 10.0.16299.5101 (1802.180131-1450) Feb. 7
  32. Google’s “Yeti” is reportedly a gaming hardware, streaming service beast
  33. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery release date rumours, platforms and gameplay
  34. SUPERCHARGE Your Super Nintendo!
  35. LGR - eMachines eOne: 1999 Apple iMac Knockoff
  36. AMD 2200G & 2400G - Worth Buying ? | Low Power Ryzens Leaked | Steam Embraces AMD True Audio
  37. Computer that SELF-DESTRUCTS if it’s HACKED!
  38. RETRO RAGE: Alisia Dragoon!
  39. Off Camera Secrets | Super Mario Galaxy - Boundary Break
  40. Nintendo finally allows user game reviews
  41. How American Vandal expertly crafted a doc (that just happened to be fiction)
  42. The Elder Scrolls Blades at E3: It’s not Skyrim, but does it need to be?
  43. Today’s veterans are gradually returning to a new civilian-life op—Hollywood
  44. Rage 2 at E3: Doom’s punk rock sibling feels great to play
  45. The President Is Missing… a few finer points on how the cyber works in this novel
  46. The top ten games from E3 2018
  47. Gallery: Take a tour of E3’s video game theme park
  48. Microsoft’s new diverse avatar editor represents more body types, disabilities
  49. Jurassic World Evolution review: Genetic dead ends
  50. There’s a slew of “potential new” Star Trek shows underway, per report
  51. Inside Nintendo’s “perfect” method for detecting online Switch piracy
  52. Report: Lucasfilm puts Obi-Wan film “on hold” after underwhelming Solo debut
  53. Interview: What went into making Divinity: Original Sin 2’s definitive edition
  54. “Flip Grip” brings classic arcade screen orientation to portable Switch
  55. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review: This nonsense has gone full Sharknado
  56. Mario Tennis Aces review: Turning tennis into a fighting game
  57. Switch-hacking trolls reportedly loading pornographic profile pictures
  58. Valve revamps its next controller, should make using hands in VR feel way cooler [Updated]
  59. George Lucas reveals his plan for Star Wars 7 through 9—and it was awful
  60. Xbox One mouse-and-keyboard support could be rolling out soon
  61. Players paying up to $450 for disc-based copies of Fortnite
  62. You can now play Mario Kart 8 with Labo’s cardboard motorbike controller
  63. Lumines Remastered turns the Nintendo Switch into a full-body vibration party
  64. Sony exec “confident” PS4 cross-console play “solution” is coming
  65. Video: Looking behind the scenes of League of Legends with its lead designer
  66. Microsoft teases the first-ever “stream-to-win” option built into Xbox
  67. Switch pirates don’t want you to pirate their piracy-enabling firmware
  68. Prey: Mooncrash’s dystopic nightmare hits a little too close to home
  69. Nintendo: Docked and undocked play time for Switch is “about even”
  70. Halo TV show going into production in early 2019
  71. Amy Hennig, who was hired to make an EA Star Wars game, has left EA
  72. Dealmaster: The NES Classic comes back tonight—here’s where to get one [Updated]
  73. Report: Google courting developers for coming game-streaming service
  74. Guidemaster: One-upping the NES Classic Edition with the Raspberry Pi 3 and RetroPie
  75. By defining “l33t” and “Thanks Obama,” Dictionary.com became the Web’s reference
  76. Valve working on “more accurate” replacement for Steam Spy’s sales data
  77. Leaks, riots, and monocles: How a $60 in-game item almost destroyed EVE Online
  78. Twitch Prime’s “free game every day” for half of July adds up to a ton
  79. Rash of Fortnite cheaters infected by malware that breaks HTTPS encryption
  80. Sony tries to upload movie trailer to YouTube, posts entire movie instead
  81. The best, craziest speedruns from this year’s Summer Games Done Quick
  82. Rampage is the awesome Jurassic World sequel we got—but didn’t deserve
  83. Ant-Man and the Wasp review: Even smaller scale, even bigger heart
  84. Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers
  85. Netflix is killing off user reviews
  86. Marvel Comics legend, Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko found dead at 90
  87. In new documentary, Ian McKellen reflects on Magneto, Gandalf
  88. Sonic Mania Plus review: A fine “master quest” for the gotta-go-fast crowd
  89. Many more indie games will be coming to Switch if Nintendo has its way
  90. YouTube to fight fake news with links to real news and context
  91. Two years after buying, Univision wants to sell its Gawker, Onion portfolios
  92. The Crew 2 review: Where is everybody?
  93. Billy Dee Williams will reprise the role of Lando Calrissian in Episode IX
  94. Nintendo reportedly rolling out new, more hack-resistant Switch hardware
  95. Epic ups Unreal Marketplace creators’ pay well above industry standard
  96. Hands-on with Nintendo’s weirdest, and maybe rarest, classic console yet
  97. Never Stop Sneakin’ is a brilliant send-up of ’90s stealth games
  98. Nintendo hid a load-your-own NES emulator inside a GameCube classic
  99. Modders revamp Super Mario Odyssey on hacked Switch hardware
  100. A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ weird AI
  101. Joss Whedon will return to sci-fi TV with HBO’s The Nevers
  102. Altiplano review: A brain-tickling board game about… alpacas
  103. The downfall of Theranos, from the journalist who made it happen
  104. Stranger Things S3 teaser hides Steve’s glorious hair, oozes mall nostalgia
  105. Uncharted fan film, starring Nathan Fillion, beats Sony to live-action punch
  106. As PUBG-like contenders emerge, Islands of Nyne might already have them beat
  107. Tempest 4000 finally lives after delays, legal threats—but what’s up on PC?
  108. Court denies Star Citizen backer’s $4,500 refund lawsuit
  109. Halo devs not working on battle royale mode for Infinite
  110. Sean Murray breaks his silence on No Man’s Sky’s development, launch
  111. A new run of The Clone Wars is coming to Disney’s streaming service
  112. Unfriended: Dark Web wardrives straight into the bad-tech-film toilet
  113. First Invader Zim movie footage revealed, looks gloriously weird
  114. Disney confirms Guardians director fired over years-old tweets
  115. 2001 in 70mm: Pod bay doors look better than ever, still won’t open
  116. A quick look at the nominees for 2018’s “Board Game of the Year”
  117. Two years later, Darkest Dungeon is completely different for the better
  118. 2018’s “Board Game of the Year” award goes to… Azul!
  119. A quick word on which versions of Mega Man X Legacy Collection to get—or avoid
  120. Declining cryptocurrency prices are making graphics cards affordable again
  121. Microsoft’s streaming Xbox will split up games to keep latency low
  122. Nintendo to ROM sites: Forget cease-and-desist, now we’re suing
  123. Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer will resonate with TOS fans
  124. Video chat with PUBG creator: “We could put battle royale in everything”
  125. Forward-box: Xbox Adaptive Controller’s packaging is a good Microsoft move
  126. Denis Villeneuve is remaking Dune, and that’s a good thing
  127. Nintendo’s next Labo kit coming in Sept, looks like next-gen Pilotwings
  128. HTC, amidst a major revenue decline, brags about its VR revenue
  129. Mission: Impossible – Fallout review: Fall into Cruise’s best in years
  130. Lando, Luke, and Leia (non-CGI) return for Star Wars: Episode IX
  131. Review: Azul, board game of the year?
  132. Hollow Knight beats Metroid, Dark Souls at their own brutal game
  133. Gran Turismo Sport, revisited: More tracks, more cars, more everything
  134. Fortnite on Android may drive its battle bus past Google’s 30% cut
  135. How Steve Jobs and Bill Gates defined a decade of tech—according to CNN’s The 2000s
  136. Valve removes Steam game after allegations of hidden cryptocurrency miner
  137. Senator Hawley announces bill banning loot boxes, pay-to-win mechanics
  138. Vader Immortal world premiere: Star Wars comes to VR with story, humor, stakes
  139. Microsoft patented a braille-displaying controller accessory for the blind
  140. One of our favorite ST: The Next Generation episodes aired 31 years ago
  141. Pennywise is back and as terrifying as ever in first trailer for IT: Chapter II
  142. Final Fantasy VII remake finally looks like a video game—and it’s a pretty one
  143. 28 years later, hacker fixes rampant slowdown on SNES‘ Gradius III
  144. HBO drops first teaser for its upcoming Watchmen series
  145. Bethesda’s latest Elder Scrolls adventure taken down amid cries of plagiarism
  146. Disney delays Avatar quadrilogy, dates three live-action Star Wars films
  147. Claptrap voice actor accuses Gearbox CEO of assault, underpayment
  148. Birth of Middle Earth: Tolkien biopic explores beloved author’s early years
  149. BlizzCon 2019 tickets revolve around invasive, poorly reviewed smartphone app
  150. HBO’s new Chernobyl mini-series shows how good science is undermined by secrecy
  151. Spidey-fans: Don’t watch new Far From Home trailer if you haven’t seen End Game
  152. Facebook’s cryptocurrency might work like loyalty points
  153. Detective Pikachu film review: This is how you adapt a video game for theaters
  154. A tale of two “inside-out” VR headsets: The $400 Oculus Rift S, $600 HP Reverb
  155. Massive Lego National Cathedral built with Vader, drones, Harry Potter wands
  156. Natural Light wants to pay interns $40 an hour to drink beer
  157. You're Going To Need A Real ID By Next Year To Fly
  158. Jupiter Hell Combines DOOM With Turn Based Action
  159. Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Revealed
  160. Shuler King - Comedian And Funeral Director - Funny Shit
  161. Sleep well tonight...
  162. John Wick Hex action and strategy game announced for PC
  163. Man arrives in Caribbean after crossing Atlantic in barrel
  164. Solitaire inducted into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame
  165. Windows Solitaire inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame
  166. Streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon in May
  167. Free Comic Book Day Is Today
  168. Parents destroy kids appliances for playing
  169. Updates On HBO Game Of Thrones Spinoffs
  170. Over 770,000 Apex Legends Cheaters Banned For Cheating
  171. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Recap
  172. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow
  173. Epic’s store continues to absorb PC gaming exclusives large and small
  174. A Custom Game Of Thrones Console Giveaway
  175. Why You're Related to Everybody Else
  176. Last blue moon of the decade to rise Saturday night
  177. Minecraft Played Entirely In Augmented Reality
  178. Arnold Schwarzenegger struck by flying kick
  179. Publishers pay streamers as much as $50k an hour
  180. Hepatitis A outbreak declared by Pa. health officials
  181. Classic XBox games discounted at Microsoft
  182. Razer to pull plug on Ouya gaming console June 25th
  183. LSD can remain potent for years if kept in a cool dark place
  184. 5G could mean less time to flee a deadly hurricane
  185. Another 31 Tons Of Beef Recalled Due To E. Coli Fears
  186. Measles Outbreak: CDC May Impose Temporary Flying Ban
  187. Rat Lungworm disease: 3 new cases confirmed in Hawaii
  188. E. coli outbreak linked to Aldi flour after 17 ill
  189. Furious tourist charged $661.47 for six pieces of squid
  190. Patient's body set on fire as medical staff attempt CPR
  191. Bethesda Accidentally Leaks Future Fallout 76 DLC Details due to a Bug
  192. 21 KIDS Arrested For Playing Battle Royale Game PUBG
  193. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding will be out this November
  194. Microsoft is bringing XBox Game Pass to Windows PC
  195. City Of Brass is free on the Epic Games Store
  196. Target recalls 90,000 USB charging cables due to shock, fire hazards
  197. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare - Reveal Trailer - PS4
  198. ASSEMbler Games forum about to close
  199. E3 2019 – everything you need to know
  200. Johnsonville recalls jalapeńo cheddar sausages
  201. Banjo-Kazooie Rumors Swirl Around Merch And Smash Bros Tease
  202. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PC is $200.00 off
  203. Listen to the first radio report at 2:30 AM on D-Day - 75 years ago
  204. Banned Fortnite Streamer Admits He's 12
  205. Rainbow 6 Siege is free to play this weekend
  206. Dr. John, New Orleans music legend, dies at age 77
  207. Destroy All Humans: complete remake of the 2005 cult classic
  208. EA Play E3 2019 Press Conference With Post Show Livestream
  209. The Sims 4: EA PLAY Stream 2019
  210. The 2019 Bethesda E3 Showcase - LIVE on June 9th @ 5:30pm PT
  211. XBox E3 conference, start time, how to watch, livestream
  212. GameStop Stock Down 40% As COO & CFO Step Down
  213. 6 Important Xbox Announcements From Microsoft's E3 2019 Presentation
  214. Tyson Foods recalls more than 190,000 pounds of chicken fritters
  215. Kroger recalls ground beef, ribeye steaks
  216. Ubisoft and Square Enix E3 2019 Press Conferences Plus Reactions, Gameplay And More
  217. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Comes On Two Discs
  218. XBox Unveils Project Scarlet, 60 New Games
  219. Nintendo At E3 2019 Day 1
  220. 8 year old rescued at sea on inflatable unicorn
  221. Another American tourist dies during Dominican Republic vacation
  222. Dr Disrespect Streams Inside An E3 Bathroom, Gets Banned
  223. TurboGrafx-16 Mini and 6 of the games it'll feature
  224. Atari VCS console up for pre-order, starting at $250
  225. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Revealed For Switch
  226. Sailor Moon RPG localized by fans 23 years later
  227. Fallout 76 is currently free to try for a week
  228. Clueless Gamer Returns For Crash Team Racing With Conan O'Brien
  229. CD Projekt warns against buying Cyberpunk 2077 E3 jackets on eBay
  230. Toonstruck is currently free on GOG.com
  231. What could go wrong? Father's day edition
  232. Man catches Crabs and Flesh Eating Bacteria at the same time
  233. Avocado chunks recalled in 15 states
  234. How to build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering
  235. Woman Killed In Attack By 3 Sharks While Snokeling In Bahamas
  236. Best PC game deals from Steam's Summer Sale
  237. The Matrix 4 Rumor
  238. Every Cheat Code In Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled
  239. Joey Chestnut eats 71 hot dogs to win Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest
  240. Secretive Book That Names All The Cheaters In Vegas
  241. Wrong man taken off life support in case of mistaken identity
  242. id Softwares origin story set to become USA Network TV series
  243. Stowaway falls from plane in London
  244. 1st look at "The Witcher" TV series
  245. Scammers hijack Japan's 7-Eleven payment app
  246. Woman Leaves Waitress $5,000 Tip As Act Of Revenge
  247. Pig ear dog treats linked to Salmonella outbreak
  248. News Anchors Take Shelter On Live TV During Earthquake
  249. Paratrooper Insert in COD:WW2
  250. Tetris 99 getting offline multiplayer in new DLC
  251. Neighbors fleeing their own fireworks explosions
  252. Bunch of grapes just sold for $11,000 in Japan
  253. Any of the old crew here?
  254. Rare Pokémon Card Worth $60,000 Lost In Mail
  255. 'Agent Smith' Android Malware Infected 25 Million Devices
  256. Buffalo Wild Wings debuts new "Hepatitis A" flavor
  257. how do i report a bad code or do not work at all
  258. Auto cancel your free trial before the billing period starts
  259. Amazon Prime Day: How to spot fake deals
  260. A Black Woman Is Taking Over As 007
  261. Amazon Prime Day: List Of Gaming Deals
  262. This Augmented Reality Needs More Augmenting
  263. Microsoft officially embraces popular community "lifehack" to save big
  264. The Witcher, Game Of Thrones, And More Collectibles - Comic Con 2019
  265. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - How To Unlock Every Character
  266. 1st look at Netflix's The Witcher in motion
  267. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Gets Booed At Comic-Con
  268. 19 dead after drinking tainted alcohol in Costa Rica
  269. Natalie Portman To Play Female Thor
  270. Man with 600 pounds of Meth in van crashes into Police car
  271. Woman Who Married Ghost Pirate Gets Divorce
  272. Wait Before Uninstalling VLC From Your Computer
  273. Millionaire John McAfee Arrested In Dominican Republic
  274. Equifax data breach settlement: How to file a claim
  275. Man on honeymoon falls into Volcano
  276. QuakeCon 2019: Celebrate With New Releases, Updates, Sales
  277. Active shooter at Gilroy garlic festival
  278. Try out JRPG Oninaki with this free demo
  279. Hacker accesses 100 million Capital One applications
  280. Turok 2 is coming to Switch next week
  281. Nintendo owns up to Joy-Con drift, will repair for free
  282. Console Wars will become a TV show
  283. Sega wants to hear about your memories of the Genesis
  284. New Next-Gen NeoGeo Hardware Is Expected To Be Announced
  285. Capcom Is Recruiting Resident Evil Fans To Test Out A Game
  286. Confirmed active shooter in a Walmart in El Paso.
  287. Here's why Nintendo Switch consoles keep frying
  288. Finally the site is back up!!!!
  289. YouTube App for 3DS will be discontinued on 9/3/2019
  290. Ring Is Teaching Cops How To Obtain Doorbell Camera Footage Without A Warrant
  291. $13,000 NES cartridge found at the bottom of a Safeway sack
  292. Man arrested for sending death threats to Square Enix
  293. Jeffrey Epstein found dead in jail cell of apparent suicide
  294. Wedding Cake Fails
  295. Panel recommends drug screening for all U.S. adults
  296. World Of Warcraft Classic name reservations are open today
  297. Wedding Cake Fails
  298. World Of Warcraft Classic name reservations are open today
  299. Panel recommends drug screening for all U.S. adults
  300. Texas police search for serial wedding crasher
  301. Woman who texts and drives ends up connecting to land line
  302. Nintendo DMCA's Over 100 Videos Celebrating Nintendo Game Music
  303. YouTube Channel Investigated By 2K For Leaks Disappears
  304. Tyson Chicken Recall
  305. Woman thought she had kidney stones but gives birth to triplets
  306. Rainbow Six: Siege adds a Fortnite style Battle Pass
  307. 'Matrix 4' with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss Is on the Way
  308. See moment plane crashes into ocean
  309. Man surrenders in $14M Netflix movie scam
  310. Naked murder suspect chasing cop
  311. Emulator aims to keep Flash games alive and kicking
  312. Woman Gives Birth To Twins 3 Months Apart
  313. Witcher 3 Nintendo Switch Gameplay
  314. GameStop has laid off over 100 people
  315. Student practicing extreme yoga pose falls 80 feet from balcony
  316. Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage
  317. Teen goes blind from 7 year diet of french fries, white bread and ham slices
  318. Facebook, Microsoft Back Contest To Better Detect Deepfakes
  319. Sean Connery Says He’s Lucky To Have Survived Hurricane Dorian
  320. Watch This Before You See The Witcher On Netflix
  321. The Sega Dreamcast turns 20 years old
  322. Eddie Money, "Two Tickets To Paradise" Singer, Dead At 70
  323. Netflix Witcher Release Date Leaked
  324. Italian towns will pay you $27,000 to move there
  325. You might be talking to robots at McDonald's drive-thrus
  326. FIFA 20 Demo
  327. Lest we forget
  328. Targaryen history prequel may be coming to HBO
  329. Nintendo sues RomUniverse for hosting illegal ROMs!
  330. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Open Beta
  331. He loved weed. Then the vomiting began. Months later, he died
  332. New YouTube Verification System
  333. Ex-Con Wants To Go Back To Jail So He Can Watch TV
  334. How a hacker transformed Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600
  335. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta
  337. Where is Administration vgcheat.com ??
  338. A gift for you to #StayHome