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  1. PS4 Holy Grail Payload - Homebrew On Firmware 4.55 - #PS4Hen
  2. PS4 Registry Editor By oct0xor Released
  3. Hactool 1.0.1 For Nintendo Switch Released
  4. AC Origins: How To Have Instant Level Ups Every XP Gain
  5. What you can do on a hacked PS4 4.05 so far
  6. How to make 3DS Games with Unity
  7. The Ultimate PS4 Hacking F.A.Q.
  8. Experimental Switch Emulator In C#
  9. Nintendo Switch Homebrew Launcher For Firmware 3.0.0
  10. CHIP 8 Emulator For PS4 Proof Of Concept Released
  11. Switch Hacks Guide
  12. PS Vita Saves Now Online
  13. Definitive vWii Hacking Guide
  14. Yifan Lu attempts a PS Vita HDMI mod
  15. Hyperkin announces the SupaRetroN HD
  16. WiiFlow 4 The Masterpiece Pack By Abz
  17. Write up on the PS4/Webkit 5.02 exploit (setAttributeNodeNS)
  18. VVildcard777 releases open source version of PS4Hen
  19. Display VS Internal Values For The Beginner
  20. PS4 PKG2USB lets you run PKGs from USB Drive, compatible 4.05/4.55
  21. TheFlow very close to releasing HENkaku/taiHEN (with Ensō) (PS Vita)
  22. Bluelist - a script-based whitelist editor for DSi (WIP)
  23. PS3 Slim/Super Slim exploit leaked, could harm your PS3
  24. How To Mod Minecraft
  25. TheFlow releases Download Enabler v4 (PS Vita)
  26. New exploit dropped for PS4 5.50
  27. Han (Unhackable PS3 Exploit) Released
  28. PSA: Do not use a 3rd party dock with Switch on 5.0.0
  29. Quake III Arena and Counter Strike coming to the PS Vita
  30. Linux on PS4 now supports PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro
  31. S.O.S for the PSVita released – Simple to use Life Insurance
  32. A PS4 Hacking Match Made In Heaven
  33. This week's PS Vita homebrew round up
  34. PS3Xploit v3 HAN ColdBoot By @StarMelter And @d1mtr7
  35. vitaXash 3D (Half-Life port) updated to version 4
  36. xorloser publishes tools to help reverse engineer the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth firmware (PS4)
  37. Extract/Decrypt games, NAND backups, and SD contents (3DS)
  38. WebKit ROP Chain Tutorials Creation/Editing/Debugging - PS3
  39. FTPS4 With JKpatch By @Mistawez - PS4
  40. The Ridiculous GSI | GameShark Interactive Magazine
  41. PS4 Cheater By Developer Hurrican6
  42. ScummVM Released For Nintendo Switch
  43. SpecterDev publishes writeup on the 4.55 Kexploit (PS4)
  44. Preview Of Snes Emulator Running On 3K/4K PS3
  45. Turn the Nintendo Switch into a guitar
  46. Chocolate Doom ported to the PS Vita
  47. The Better RetroPie Handheld
  48. Beginning Game Programming By Lazy Foo'
  49. An Interview With A Switch Hacker
  50. The story of the gameshark
  51. Switch Hacker Kate Temkin shares FAQ on upcoming Fusée Gelée
  52. VirtuaNES For 3DS Released
  53. PS Vita Hacking FAQ And Information
  54. TheFlow confirms that PSVita Firmware 3.68 doesn’t break his FW 3.67 exploit
  55. Yuzu now loads a handful of commercial games (Switch)
  56. Persona Q Save Editor
  57. How To Connect A Nintendo Switch To A TV
  58. SNK to debut a throwback console for the Neo Geo
  59. Malicious code = Minecraft players to be at risk of malware
  60. Dat/UnDat tools released to decrypt/encrypt index.dat file
  61. New emulation tech lags less than original consoles
  62. Arch Linux To Be Released Soon
  63. Developer bundles Ruby interpreter and code editor into Switch release
  64. Unity 2019.1 released: Burst Compiler, Lightweight Render Pipeline, Shader Graph
  65. Nintendo issues DMCA takedown for Super Mario Bros. C64 port
  66. WideGB Released - Playing GameBoy Games In Widescreen
  67. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Unlimited XP Glitch
  69. How To Create An Augmented Reality App
  70. Did a vigilante ROM leaker go too far to “preserve” a lost Atari ROM?
  71. People with broken buttons on your PSVita rejoice!
  72. Use Homebrew On SuperSlim And Late Slim PS3 Consoles!
  73. L4T Ubuntu - A Fully Featured Linux On Your Switch
  74. Alternative Way To Find Process ID For Flash Games In Chrome
  75. XQEMU - XBox Emulator On Switch
  76. Hack your FW 3.69/3.70 PSVita or PSTV in seconds!
  78. 28 years later, hacker fixes rampant slowdown on Gradius III
  79. Reverse Engineering Fly Hack NoClip Cheat Engine IDA Pro C++
  80. Comparing Double Values And Using The FPU Stack
  81. Play! PS2 Emulator forced to run on the Switch
  82. Just like Game of Thrones, there’s a Starbucks cup mod for Skyrim
  83. How to hack any game tutorial
  84. Turn your Windows 10 wallpaper into a GameBoy emulator
  85. Breaking An Encrypted String For Unity Games And C# Based Programs by FlufferNutter
  86. David Miller porting emulators to the PS4
  87. mGBA gets Hi-Res mode
  88. Bloodborne Mod That Lets You Control Enemies
  89. Morrowind complete overhaul mod issues beefy update
  90. Memory Pit Exploit For The Nintendo DSi Released
  91. Quake 2 gets official ray-tracing support from Nvidia
  92. Modder Recreated Sand Kingdom In Super Mario 64
  93. Meritous gets cheats!
  94. DOSBox Cheat Project
  95. Orbital: PlayStation 4 Emulator
  96. Hacker TheFlow shares PS4 Kernel bug details
  97. Godot Game Engine For Switch
  98. Let's Find: Hit Enemies Anywhere On The Screen Abystus Read This!
  99. Cyberpunk 2077 Will Star Keanu Reeves
  100. The Caligula Effect: Overdose - Modding Tool Demonstration!
  101. Resident Evil 4 SX OS Item Hack (Switch)
  102. Spine, a PS4 Emulator for Linux that already runs some commercial games
  103. EdiZon - A save file editor, cheat manager, cheat engine and save manager for Horizon
  104. N64 Game Compatible HDMI Console Made By Hyperkin
  105. A Zelda Easter Egg In Mario 64
  106. Look At This Tiny Little GameCube/Wii
  107. 5 Utilities You Should Install On Your PS Vita
  108. XDA-Developers opens forum for Switch Android Hacking
  109. TheFlow shares writeup of the Trinity exploit (Vita)
  110. Guide To Creating Rock Band 3 Custom Songs
  111. Nintendo Switch Dump Tool By DarkMatterCore
  112. Raspberry Pi 4 just got released with a better CPU/GPU/RAM
  113. Commodore 64 is getting a full sized re-release this December
  114. Switch Systems on FW 4.1.0 can now run CFW
  115. DOSBox 0.74-3 released with OpenGL fixes and security issues mitigations
  116. Super Mario Maker 2: 7 beginner's level design tips (Wii U)
  117. Setting Up Partitions for emuMMC with Hekate5.0/NYX
  118. Halo: Reach PC Video And Piracy Warning
  119. Mikage - A 3DS Emulator For Android
  120. CTG Presents: Byte Ninja USING CE FOR AUTO KEY PRESSES
  121. Super Mario Maker 2 running well in Yuzu
  122. Moonlighter: FINDING GOD MODE
  123. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Source Code Discovered!
  124. N64 Reversing Emulator
  125. PlayStation Classic Hacking Options
  126. The GXM Driver (GPU Acceleration) Bounty that’s gaining traction
  127. Game translation toolkit for authors of fan translations
  128. StarCraft mod makes the game look like a cartoon
  129. RetroArch is officially coming to Steam
  130. DS-Scene Rom Tool v1.0 build 1215 (Includes CMP and AP Database)
  131. A Quick Review Of My Friend Pedro
  132. Resident Evil III Seamless HD Mod For Dolphin Emulator
  133. PCSX-R port for the PS4 has been released - Emulate PS1
  134. Red Square, A Fan Game For The Virtual Boy
  135. 64Inject - Definitive N64 Wii U Virtual Console Injector
  136. Switch gets a stand alone PPSSPP port
  137. Hacking Skyrim (PC)
  138. Android For The Switch Coming Within 5 Days
  139. Android Is Now Unofficially On Nintendo Switch
  140. Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking (Switch)
  141. vWii Unbrick Guide By GaryOderNichts
  142. How To Use ReClass To Hack Video Games Tutorial
  143. Windows 7 support in Dolphin on its way out
  144. GTA 5 Cheats PS4, XBox One, PC
  145. SNES Classic Hack - Add Hundreds Of Additional Games
  146. Reverse Engineering Tutorial No Recoil IDA Pro & ReClass
  147. How to add more games to Nintendo Classic Edition 2018
  148. Corgi 3DS, A LLE 3DS Emulator
  149. Henry Cavill Is Now Geralt In The Witcher III, Too
  150. Why Smealum Hacked A Butt Plug
  151. New BSNES HD beta adds smooth true color and super sampling
  152. Developer Masagrator releases 60 FPS mods for 7 retail games
  153. Mystery Modder Has Kept System Shock 2 Playable
  154. How To Find The View Matrix - Works On Any Game
  155. Bypassing Anti Debuggers With x64dbg And Cheat Engine
  156. Collector dumps 8 bit Konami games for emulation
  157. TheFlow releases h-encore² with support for FW 3.71
  158. Play some 3DS games on your Android smartphone
  159. SciresM doesn’t believe newer Switch units will see Atmosphere
  160. Run GameMaker 8.1 Games On The PSP
  161. Control: Infinite Ammo & Infinite Health
  162. Understanding Code Functions To Get More Hacking Options
  163. Downgrading your recently hacked PS Vita is easy
  164. Syscon full key is now public (PS3)
  165. Super Mario 64 getting a native PC port
  166. Memory Pit - A new DSi exploit for DSi camera!
  167. Free Game Engine To Develop Games For PS3
  168. Mega Man 11 - Infinite Jumps & Invincibility - No Collision
  169. Game hacking for beginners (c++)
  170. First Wii Mini Exploit Found
  171. Cheat Engine For Beginners (And How To Use Cheat Tables)
  172. Doom 64 EX Port
  173. Flycast (Dreamcast Emulator) coming to the Switch with JIT
  174. Lakka 2.3 released, features Raspberry Pi 4 support, RetroArch 1.7.8
  175. Bounty for 960 × 544 output on the PSTV
  176. How to run PS4 games on PC